The worst of living in Istanbul is getting stuck in the traffic.

I need an envelope.


Grant was sitting down.

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She was the queen of the ball.

To tell truth, I find discussions about movies more interesting than movies themselves.

I made up my mind to be a doctor.

I still have a headache, but I'm feeling better this morning.

Joubert is very likely to be late.


I have to think of myself.

Why is your skirt so short?

I don't ever want to see him again.

Glynn asked Lindsey to help him with his science project.

It is better for you to do it now.

I was going to go to the United Arab Emirates.

Takao helped Ginny climb over the fence.

This magazine carries much news of importance.

I've got a little work to do.

He asked her why she came so late.

Takayuki can barely keep it together.


Dalton has rejected our offer.

All of a sudden, I saw a rabbit running across the field.

What's so special about Novo?


What people are coming to the party?


She was impatient to see her family.


I love your beard.

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Tell me about your successes in business.


I read the novels.

What are you going to do for summer vacation?

At Tatoeba, it is more important that a translation sound natural than that it be strictly faithful to the original.

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All the people are in favor of your idea.


All the expenses will fall on the sponsor.

Why won't you believe me?

I was ready to tell Niall anything he wanted to know.


Large cracks started to develop in the concrete.

Someone is calling me. It might be Adil.

I was really surprised to hear that this cultivator cost as much as 1 million yen.

I'm sorry, we're all out of manti.

The town grew into a city.

No one will care.

Shadow invited you to dinner.

The market was packed.

Tiny mistakes can sometimes lead to big trouble.

I'm down here rebuilding my little life.

You look younger than him.

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The beard's gone!


You can trust Sherri.

He's a gambler.

He's not perfect, but I love him anyway.

I know why Lloyd is late.

You can't smoke during work hours.

"What! You're still with that guy?" and we answer: "What can I do! I LOVE him!"

Give me more milk!

I'm pretty confident.

I'll help my mother wash the dishes after supper.

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You should've gone home already.

A fault confessed is half redressed.

Let me take those.

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We're flabbergasted.

My refrigerator is out of order.

That's my understanding.

I'll stick with them.

I don't care how long I have to wait.

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How could you do that to us?

Am I correct?

You can't get the suitcase closed because you've stuffed too much into it.


There's a white dove on the roof.

Usually, I'll be gone before the morning light.

Linley took a pill from the prescription bottle and put it in his mouth.

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I need some soap.


I'm beginning to see that it's going to be impossible.

Leaving the children alone was sheer thoughtlessness.

It's not as good, if you ask me.

Do you want to work in Germany?

Do Scots have their own language?

Some people prefer to live by the moment.

Linder lives next door.

They looked really happy.

This kid is fuckin' badass!

What are you saving up for?

Has Blake noticed yet?

I don't need your permission to do this.

She's a law-abiding citizen.


Let's run to the bus stop.


It's a travesty.

How about starting again from the very beginning?

I'm from another planet.

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Blasphemy is a victimless crime.

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Please give me a piece of bread.

We don't want to hurt you.

Pascal's trip turned into a nightmare when his passport and credit cards were stolen.

A heavy frost is expected.

I like the Harry Potter books.


Furthermore, even after the company information session, we sometimes hold company tours.

He does not believe in evolution.

He walked along the street.

If you are found out, you'll catch it.

I didn't realize Sundaresan was so stupid.

Jenine didn't arrive until the party was over.

You're enjoying this, aren't you?

This is an illegal procedure.

It is such warm weather that the roses will bloom soon.

Do you know what fear is?

Marc put the lid back on the can of paint.

If I were you, I would trust him.

He was forced to return to Washington.

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We didn't see any girls in the group.


You're free of all responsibility.

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You'll have to learn to live with it.


I really like him a lot.

Sidney wondered what he was supposed say.

You must acquire as soon as possible a good knowledge of business English.

At night, parents tuck their children into bed.

They'll need help.

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A closed mouth catches no flies.


By what authority do you order me to do this?

What about Jack?

I have to replace the radio's battery.

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Chet was supposed to arrive here yesterday.


Hume went back to his car and got a flashlight.

Donald did it as quickly as he could.

He went up the river.


Who stabbed Eddie?


January 1st is the day when many Japanese go to shrines.

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I'm so happy to meet you.


May I ask you to take a photo of us?

Raghu doesn't know anything about Australia.

His eyes are like emeralds.

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Hundreds of extrasolar planets have been discovered.


Your joke is funny no matter how many times I hear it.


Susumu has been trying to learn how to ride a unicycle.


That is not a fish.

Don't spill the soup.

How can Moran help Darin?

He doesn't yet know the truth.

He affirmed himself to be innocent.

He was afraid to go there.

The gate was open.

It's strange, don't you think?

They're going to do it right away.

You scored the highest in the class.

The plane will arrive at the airport thirty minutes late.


I like roses more than lilies.


Tharen is beginning to look pretty old.


If I had noticed her, I would have got her autograph.


No one survived the plane crash.

It'd be a lot more convincing if it came from you.

Were her children born in Germany?


I could barely get out of bed yesterday.


Everyone waited.


Get a hammer and nails.

I want to know who you're going out with tonight.

In the Aegean, there will be another round of tension.